Developmentally Disabled Christian Ministries

All people have equal rights, freedoms, opportunities and privileges as citizens in society. The responsibility of the Christian Community is to implement the will of God in terms of asserting the dignity and equality of developmentally disabled individuals and to assist them in developing their potential towards greater independence and a better quality of life. Our Developmentally Disabled Christian Ministries (DDCM) team is part of an interdenominational group that gathers on a regular basis with those who are developmentally disabled to provide spiritual reflection and spiritually guided social activities.

One of the most exciting outcomes of this ministry has been the recent formation of a Handbell Choir. The members play the bells, “reading” the music as colored cards are displayed by the leader. They provide a spectacular accompaniment to our major liturgies during the year, bringing delight and pleasure to performers and parishioners alike.

For more information, please contact Betty Sweet at (707) 758-2603.