“I was in prison and you visited me.”

These words of our Lord Jesus from the 25th chapter of St. Matthew’s Gospel are addressed to all of us. We are a faith-filled community of hope who witness and offer, by our presence and activities God’s unconditional love, compassionate forgiveness and healing justice to those affected by the criminal justice system. We provide a listening, healing presence to incarcerated men, women, and children and to their families and victims. Our ministry strives to restore a sense of self-worth and hope to the people we serve through inmate visitation and bible readings.

Those who are imprisoned need to know that God loves them. They will know of this love only if those who follow Christ hear those words of the Gospel and discern that Jesus is calling them to serve him in the imprisoned. Jesus was imprisoned himself when he was on this earth, and he continues to be imprisoned in our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

For more information, please contact: Teresa Cahill, 255-2717.