We are just parishioners that love to sing and make music in church. We see music as a gift to all of us from God and to God from all of us (assembly, choir, & priest) and our “ministry” is to sing and lead others in song.

When we open our mouths on Sunday mornings we know that somehow we are building up the Body of Christ right here in the Napa Valley by encouraging our fellow Christians to sing thanks and praise to God.

People join the choir not because they have outstanding voices, but because they want to be “even more” in this worshiping assembly, making songs more interesting and effective for everyone by adding harmonies, descants, interludes, and verses.

The choir occasionally sings some “serious” pieces (from Palestrina to Rutter) to help minister to the assembly,  but most often we simply add our voices and harmonies  to what the assembly is itself singing.

Everyone is welcome. Can’t read music? Neither can most of our members but we listen and learn and eventually we get it. We practice Tuesday nights, from 7-8:30 p.m, in the church, entering from Caymus Street. If you’re interested, please contact Ricky Muyot 707-315-1305