It’s in front of the church, facing the Hall. Mrs. Oberting, the school’s librarian and
wife of Deacon Joe, wanted a “Little Free Library” to pass on books from the school to
the parish and neighborhood, free! The Men’s Club installed it over the
summer. Parishioners began using it in August and already, we’ve
given away over 80 books! The purpose of Little Free Libraries is to
“Take One, Give One” book. In our case, Mrs. Oberting has LOTS of
books to give away over the year: duplicate, worn, unread, unusable
books. It’s also a way for the greater community, parishioners and
school families, to give books to the school! On its first day, our little
red library received eight new books from a reporter with the Napa
Valley Register. We usually pass on our discards to the public library,
but now we have a direct way to put them to use. If you would like
more information about Little Free Libraries, you can ask Mrs.
Oberting, our librarian (Weds-Fri.) or look on their website: littlefreelibrary.org.
Napa has about eight. Our address and story is also listed on their website’s worldwide
map! Check it out!

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